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    We offer a new alternative to learning that's even more effective than school, the internet or books - real face to face conversations with people in your neighborhood who have expertise in the topics you desire. Find mentors in gardening, marketing, running a marathon or whatever it is you want to learn. Then, treat them to a meal, and start on the path to achieving your goals. Discover great restaurants in the process. Click the Mentee Benefits Tab above or Become a Mentee Now.

    Want to be a rap star, open up a coffee shop, travel to Antarctica or modify your home loan? What if you could sit down for a meal with a mentor in those areas?

    Well, now you can, and the best part? You can easily find them through this website. They've all agreed to share their wisdom with people just like you. The process is as easy as a few clicks. Simply create a profile, browse through our directory, choose a mentor and then invite them to a meal.

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Fred A. (Fashion Specialist)

Lisa C. (Aspiring Designer)


"Just got back from lunch with Fred, and it was so invaluable, I can't believe I almost spent $200 with a consultant. This was so much more effective and less expensive. I'm going to contact another mentor right now to learn about buying a business." (Lisa C.)


"I'm 58 years old, but my online marketing mentor is only 25. Anyone young or old can use this kind of help." (Mike P.)

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