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Lucille Ball mentors Carol Burnett in comedy. Become a comedian

Our program is simple. Just look for people you admire

who are doing something you’d like to replicate. Then,

invite them to a meal.
 • No more needing to have the right connections.
 • No more cold calls or cold emails to experts in your field.
 • No more writing long personal cover letters.

This is a great way to achieve your dreams faster and more efficiently, and the process
is as easy as a few clicks. Every mentor listed on this site has agreed to sit down for a 
meal with someone who is seeking advice. As a mentee, you simply fill out a brief
profile, search for local mentors in your desired field, and start inviting them to meals. 

Contact one mentor or many mentors to give you different perspectives. It’s totally
up to you. They will view your profile and respond shortly. Note that your profile is
not displayed to the public- it is only viewable by registered mentors you contact.

The traditional cost to sit down with a consultant for an hour could be anywhere
from $100 to $500/hr. With our service, you simply pay for the meal with the
mentor(s).  And if you can't find the right one through the site listings, we can 
seek one out for you. Simply email us or call 818-538-4011.


Last Name Only Displayed to Registered Mentees.


    • Everyone eats, even busy people.
    • Time, lunch limits the meeting to about an hour.
    • Safety – a lunch setting is public and safe.
    • Equalizer – sitting across from someone at a lunch table is a neutral power position as opposed to the mentor sitting behind a desk.
    • Distractions – a meal setting removes both the mentor and the mentee from work distractions.
    • Reciprocity – you paid for lunch. They kinda owe you.

    Most people who set out on a new career, hobby or business venture go into it somewhat blindly. That’s why it’s best to talk with someone who’s been through the trenches. They can tell you what pitfalls to avoid and possibly open networks that would otherwise be closed. You can build contacts, add them to your LinkedIn account, and possibly intern or work with them in the future.

    Want to travel to Antarctica, modify your home loan, or deal with your anger displacement? On this site, you can find mentors who have been through just about anything. Simply invite them to a meal and get their own personal insight.

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